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Nail Art Supplies for Enthusiastic Amateur Nail Artists

If you have someone in your life who is looking to explore nail art in more detail, you might be interested in what would make a good gift for your loved one. Here are some ideas that will be great for any burgeoning nail artists. 

Stamping plates

One of the common styles of nail art is to use a base colour and then run a 'stamped' design over that base colour to create intricate patterns. It´s a great way to lay identical patterns over each nail, and there is a lot of flexibility to vary both the base and stamped colours. In some designs, people will even layer multiple stamping patterns over each other. There are a large range of stamping plates available, and you can often pick up unique patterns by heading online and looking for popular designs in both mainstream beauty stores and bespoke designs from 'independent' nail stores such as Etsy stores. 

Dotting tools

Another common nail art design is to include dots of different sizes and colours to create unique designs. While a range of items can be used for dotting, there are specialist dotting tools available at many stores that sell nail supplies. These are popular with nail artists, as they create a consistent size of dot, making it easier to work out designs, and they are easy to clean and reuse. Many sets have a range of dotters in one set that can create different sizes for fun gradients and patterns. 

Nail art nail colours

While you can use any nail polishes for designs, many nail artists prefer to use specialist polishes that are stickier and that hold a more consistent line. Modern polishes have a high concentration of plasticisers, which helps them to spread and fill in an gaps to create a smooth finish, but for nail art it's actually preferable to have a fine-tip brush and a quick-drying nail colour that does not spread and flatten. A range of brands make specialist nail art products that work particularly well for nail art. If you aren't sure which colour to buy, most nail artists use high amounts of whites and blacks as a base in their designs and often love to get large amounts of these, as well as clear top and base coats. 

If you are looking at buying nail art supplies as a gift for a loved one, you should head into beauty supply store and get some advice on a great gift in your budget.