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Welcome to my blog! This is my fabulous fashion advice site in which I will be giving you the lowdown on how to look your best. I am not a fashion expert but I have spent all of my life trying to learn about how I can look my best. It was pretty easy when I was a kid, as I would just follow my sister's advice. However, as I got older, I realised I needed to find my own style. I have spent many hours reading fashion magazines, searching for the latest trends and perfecting my look. I hope you enjoy my blog.



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Two Helpful Tips For Choosing A Moisturiser For Mature Sensitive Skin

It is interesting to watch your facial skin change as you get older. It is not unusual for teenagers with pimply, oily skin to end up with dry, sensitive skin after menopause. As someone who has just passed the one year menopause period, it is important you reconsider the type of moisturiser you are using. What has worked for you in the past may not be relevant to your needs now. Use these two tips to choose the right moisturiser for your older, more sensitive skin.


Mature skin needs lots of hydration to stay looking plump and fresh.Sensitive skin needs plenty of hydration too. One factor which causes facial skin sensitivity is dryness. Drinking the recommended eight glasses of water each day is one way to add hydration to your skin, and the other way is to select a moisturiser that adds moisture.

A hydrating moisturiser is one that has the main ingredient of water. Look at the back label of a moisturiser you like to see what ingredients make up the product. If you see methyl or ethyl alcohol listed as an ingredient, choose a different moisturiser as these alcohols lead to skin dryness.

SPF Coverage

The sun rays in Australia during summer can be among the harshest in the world. However, many women still choose not to use facial products with SPF coverage. To stop sunburn which irritates sensitive skin, you must choose a moisturiser with SPF sunscreen built into it. However, because your skin is sensitive, a mineral-based SPF is preferable to a chemical-based SPF. One of the main reasons for this is that chemical-based sunscreens get absorbed into the bloodstream and are still in your body days after the application. 

Zinc oxide is the ingredient to look for in a mineral-based sunscreen. In particular, look for a product which contains at least 20% zinc oxide in it. The higher the percentage of zinc oxide, the higher the SPF protection you get. Additionally, mineral-based sunscreens do not contain polyunsaturated oils. These oils destabilise when exposed to continued heat and will leave your skin exposed to ageing free radicals which your mature skin does not need!

If you need more help choosing the perfect moisturiser for your skin, head to your local beauty salon and have a discussion with the consultant there. They often provide test samples of different products, so you can choose the one that best suits your skin.