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Welcome to my blog! This is my fabulous fashion advice site in which I will be giving you the lowdown on how to look your best. I am not a fashion expert but I have spent all of my life trying to learn about how I can look my best. It was pretty easy when I was a kid, as I would just follow my sister's advice. However, as I got older, I realised I needed to find my own style. I have spent many hours reading fashion magazines, searching for the latest trends and perfecting my look. I hope you enjoy my blog.



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What is Offered By a Private Label Skincare Products

Private label skincare products are those with very limited production, and which may only be sold through select department stores or retailers. Some private label skincare companies only work with online distributors, while others may sell to private, individual buyers. There are some things you might find offered a private label brand that might be hard to find in other brand names; note a few of those here, so you can see what a private label brand can be the best choice for you or for your store.


Many consumers today prefer a vegan diet and lifestyle, meaning free of all animal products. However, many name brand cosmetics are made with animal fat, and cleansers are often made with yogurt or milk. A private label skincare manufacturer may have more vegan options for their customers than other brands, so you can expand your own retail line to include vegan makeup and cleansers, or know you're using animal-free products on your own skin.


Along with vegan options, some customers may want to use only kosher makeup products. These are also very difficult to find, as makeup brands that use animal fats may be using animals that are not considered kosher. A private label brand may have more kosher options for your store or for use at home.

Fair trade

Fair trade refers to business practices that pay a fair price for materials and labour that are used to create their products. Choosing fair trade products can ensure you and your customers that a product was not made in a sweatshop, that no child labour was used during the manufacturing process, and that all suppliers and workers were paid a fair price for their labour or materials.

Women owned and operated

Despite the fact that women probably use far more cosmetics and skincare products than men, it can still be difficult to find brand name cosmetic companies that are owned by women. Female consumers often want to do all that they can to support women-owned businesses, and you may find many private label companies that are owned and operated by women.


Private label skincare companies may offer more eco-friendly options than others; they may use renewable energy at their production facilities, recyclable or biodegradable materials for their packaging, and sustainable raw materials for their products. All of these mean far less impact on the environment than the processes and materials used for mass market products, a good option for anyone who wants to make eco-friendly choices in their purchasing decisions.